◢ don’t forget me, i beg // Brittana

It was Santana Lopez of Van Amburgh Manor that climbed nervously to the third floor, excited to claim the coveted prize that so rightfully belonged to her.

It was Santana Lopez of Lima, Ohio that followed two silent guards back down the stairs and towards the bedroom that belonged to her other self. She thought they were bellhops at a hotel and she thought maybe she’d fallen down some stairs or some shit with how sore she was. Maybe she’d been in an infirmary with head trauma or something. The room she’d woken up in sure looked like some sort of doctor’s office, though nothing like her father’s back in Lima. “Where the hell am I?” she snapped at one of the men as he led her down the stairs. He only smiled and explained that he was escorting her to her room. A hotel then. What the fuck? Were she and Brittany on the vacation they’d been planning for the summer? What the hell had happened to her. She moved to rub her face, succeeded only in prodding her sore nose so that she swore and dropped her hand again. what the fuck had happened? “Come on, asshole, move it.” She just wanted to find Brittany. And maybe find a different hotel because this one looked like something out of a B horror flick.

The two men opened a door and shoved her harshly inside, Santana tripping over her own feet. Instantly the fiery Latina turned to rip their heads off, but the door was already shut and she heard a lock snick into place even as she reached for the handle. What the fuck? Her dark eyes went wide and she started banging on the door, demanding they release her and calling them all sorts of names in Spanish. Oh no they had not just locked her in some random ass room! Fear built in her chest as she screamed and yelled, going on and on until a noise behind her had her yelping and spinning on her heel with fists raised.

And then she saw Brittany.

Another yell escaped and she was across the room instantly, eyes wide and full of tears.  ”Britt!” she whimpered, hands hovering over the blonde’s body as if afraid to touch. There was blood on her face and a bruise on her cheek, a sex toy dangling between her legs. Her body was secured to a bed and Santana whimpered again. Although she still wore clothes, the girl was terrified Brittany had somehow been violated by one of those huge as fuck men. Or something, she didn’t know. What happened? How had they gotten here? “Britt-Britt, what…” A shaking hand reached up, brushed hesitantly across one pale cheek as tears flooded her eyes. “Where are we? What happened to you? Oh god, baby, are you hurt? L… let me get you out of this…” Suddenly snapping into action, she moved to the blonde’s feet to untie her. She didn’t understand what had happened, but she was getting the fuck out of here.